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(866) 481-1338 Beal Electric, LLC
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(360) 334-9837 Home Comfort Advantage, LLC
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(866) 909-7607 John's Waterproofing Co.
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(503) 205-0884 Superior, LLC
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(503) 820-0782 Clever Girl Cleaning Company
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Northwest Tree Work
Tree Service in 97211
"Friendly, professional service without a huge delay in scheduling. They were in the middle of the 3 bids that I got and I would hire them again."
-- Dennis D. of Portland, OR
Banish Pest Control
Pest Control in 97218
"Fantastic job and business owner , Michael is honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable"
-- anthony S. of Portland, OR
Buena Vista Roofing
Roofing in 98665
"Worked my repair job in by working on Saturday. They came around 1:00 PM, did their thing to include cleanup and left at 3:30. "
-- Robert C. of Vancouver, WA

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Lake Oswego Roof Replacement
West Valley Roofing, LLC installed 2.5" Poly-Iso Insulation, Dens-Deck roof board with a 60mil Single-Ply PVC Membrane manufactured by IB Roof Systems, new 4x4 Thermolite Curb Mount Flat Low-E Clear Laminated Skylights, Chimney Reglet Flashings, and IB PIpe Boots and Flashings.
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Misc Asphalt Roof Projects
Here are a few examples of our Asphalt Roofing Projects. Picture 1) 30yr IKO Cambridge Architectural Shingles, 2x4 Opening Skylights with 10" High Profile Ridge, Picture 2) 30yr IKO Cambridge Architectural Shingles, 2x6 Curb Mount Dome Skylight with 10" High Profille Ridge, Picture 3) 40yr Architectural Shingles with Standing Seam Metal, PIcture 4) 30yr Architectural Shingles with 10" High Profile Ridge, and Picture 5) 30yr Architectural Shingles with 10" High Profile Ridge
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